Bike race GPX library

Vincent Thorne · Posted 19 May 2024

Landscape in Teruel

I’m starting a repository of GPX routes of (usually) self-supported bike races with fixed routes. These routes can serve as inspiration for my own bike trips, or as reference for anyone out there curious about them. So far I’m following these races (links point to official websites):

Planned additions: none for now — get in touch if you want to see other race routes!

Cool races that do not follow a fixed route:

Many other great bikepacking routes that are not races can be found on

Files are provided in GPX (ideal for GPS devices) and GeoJSON (more practical for GIS work and mapping). To visualise the files, you can simply drag-and-drop them into QGIS — let me know if you spot any mistakes and/or files not working!

Table of contents
  1. Accursed Race
  2. Atlas Mountain Race
  3. French Divide
  4. Hellenic Mountain Race
  5. Leman Gravel Challenge
  6. Pan Celtic Race
  7. Pedals de Foc Non Stop
  8. Silk Road Mountain Race
  9. Tour Divide
  10. Transpyrenees (Transiberica)

Accursed Race

Atlas Mountain Race

The route looks pretty similar from year to year… but let me know if you would like to see more years.

French Divide

Hellenic Mountain Race

Leman Gravel Challenge

Pan Celtic Race

Pedals de Foc Non Stop

Stable route.

Silk Road Mountain Race

Tour Divide

The route has been fairly stable over the years — here is the 2023 vintage.

Transpyrenees (Transiberica)