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Vincent Thorne · Posted 22 Dec 2021 · Last edited 03 Jan 2022

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    1. Society
    2. Personal growth, psychology, philosophy
    3. Cities, architecture
    4. The environment
    5. Unclassified stuff: science, history, computers, etc.


The holiday season is the perfect time to comfortably sit by the fire with a cup of hot Christmas tea and a great article to read. Here are few suggestions from links I collected in 2021.

The Internet is a wonderland of interesting content. Everyday, millions of people write, record and share excellent pieces of work, with the potential of expanding one’s mindset, knowledge and curiosity on many topics. Throughout the year, I encounter or receive many such fascinating links. Some I share, some I keep for later, some I read right away. But there is always too much content, and a lot ends up in a dusty digital drawer.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, so I decided to browse that dusty drawer and make a Best-Of-2021 list of links I enjoyed the most. Each link has its own value, and made the cut for different reasons: some taught me something new, others showed me a perspective I didn’t know about before, and some are just entertaining. Of course, the list is not exhaustive, missing articles I read but failed to save, for example, but it’s a pretty nice selection already.

I hope you find something in those links, too, and that it starts new conversations, or enriches old ones we’ve had. If you have your own Best Of 2021, I would love to read through it as well!

Thanks to all those who’ve sent me great content, but also to all the thriving online communities that make the Internet a great place — this list is yours.

If you have an issue accessing any article behind a paywall, you may try this tool — otherwise just get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

The list

The list kept on growing as I was writing the post, and now contains 33 links. To help the reader, ★ identify top picks.


Personal growth, psychology, philosophy

Cities, architecture

The environment

Unclassified stuff: science, history, computers, etc.